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interior of a custom kitchen

Use These Creative Ideas to Freshen and Update Your Cooking Space

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. You want it to look amazing while being functional. When it comes to updating this space, you also want to ensure that you have ample storage, plenty of light, and just enough color. The following are a few renovation ideas that will creatively freshen up your kitchen while providing you with everything you need.

Install a Coffee Bar

Who doesn’t love to start the day with a wonderful cup of coffee? Including your own coffee bar in your kitchen design allows you to skip the drive-through. It can be incorporated into your existing cabinetry or placed in a small nook. Be sure to feature a quality coffee maker or a barista system in the plan. Later, you can add beautiful mugs and cake stands for holding breakfast treats.

Add Stylish Lighting

You need a good mix of lighting in the kitchen. Your fixtures should provide both task lighting and aesthetics to the space. Start with a beautiful pendant light or chandelier over the island. This can become your focal point. Flush or semi-flush-mounted ceiling lights will give you much-needed general lighting. If you add a dimmer to the overhead lights, you’ll be able to change the mood for dining and entertaining. Don’t forget to utilize under-cabinet lighting to illuminate your workspace.

Update the Cabinetry

If your budget allows, you can replace your cabinetry with new, modern cupboards and drawers. If not, don’t worry. There are many ways to update your existing cabinets. You could have them refinished. This could mean sanding and staining them in a color that brings out the rich look of the wood or painting them in a neutral color.

Adding glass front doors to the cabinetry or replacing some of the cabinets with shelving is a popular trend in kitchen design. This provides an open feel to the room while allowing you to display some of your best dishes, cookware, or tools.

Add a Pop of Color

Modern kitchens rely on neutral colors for a crisp, clean look. While this is quite effective, you need a small pop of color to keep this space from looking bland. Consider creating an accent wall with stunning wallpaper, or you could use a contrasting color on your island. A really great place to add a bit of color is the backsplash. Colored glass tiles or a mosaic pattern will give you just enough color to personalize the area. Even adding hardware in a bold hue will brighten up this workspace.

Once you’ve decided which design ideas you’d like to include in your cooking space, you’re ready to get started. If you’re a resident of Truckee, CA and want to update your kitchen, call CMJR Construction today.