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backyard deck overlooking lawn

6 Reasons a Deck Is a Worthy Addition to Your Home

A deck is a popular home addition choice. When you position it right, it becomes an extension of the living room, dining room, or kitchen. It is a great location to entertain family and guests year-round. You can also use the deck to relax, study, read, and play games. Six more benefits make decks a worthwhile add-on feature.

1. Customizable

Decks used to be wooden, rectangular-shaped slabs that may have included steps. Today’s decks are expansive living spaces. Amenities available for addition are outdoor kitchens, storage areas, spas, lighting, and built-in fireplaces. You can install it at ground level to embrace the backyard or on the second story to capture those scenic views. Wood is not the only material used to build decks; composite and plastic/PVC are options for a contemporary and modern deck appearance.

2. Cost Effective

Decks increase the square footage of your home without paying a lot of money for them. It also takes less time to build because it doesn’t require four walls and a ceiling. Furthermore, a deck addition doesn’t sacrifice privacy and inconvenience during construction because it is an outdoor project. Most home additions are indoor projects.

3. Increased Home Value

The property value increases with a deck addition because of the extra square footage. You can sell the home for a higher price and get a higher return on investment and resale value. Experts believe you can recoup more money from a deck addition than any other addition or remodeling project.

4. A More Attractive Home and Garden

The aesthetics in the backyard improve tremendously with a deck. It makes the space more impressive, especially with the stairs, furniture, railing, and amenities. Meanwhile, the home becomes more grand when you paint or stain deck material to fit the home’s color scheme and architecture.

5. Suits Diverse Landscapes

There’s no outdoor landscape where decks are not compatible. It works on even, sloped, and uneven ground with grass, gravel, soil, concrete, or brick. You can customize the deck’s shape, length, and design to fit the size of your backyard and suit your style and tastes.

6. Low Upkeep

The deck doesn’t need much maintenance to keep it looking its best. The level of maintenance depends on the material chosen. Wood materials need a re-stain every two years. Composite material has no maintenance. The low upkeep extends to lawn maintenance, too. There’s less lawn maintenance because a deck addition absorbs some of it.

Always hire construction experts to build a deck. The construction comes from sturdy, premium materials and quality handiwork. A professional team will survey the backyard, learn about your preferences, and take measurements to construct a custom deck from scratch. You end up with an enjoyable and breathtaking space that you can enjoy for years to come. For more information on deck and patio construction, contact CMJR Construction in Truckee, CA.