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Resolve to Take Care of Your Wood Deck This Year

As we transition into a new year, you have the opportunity to be proactive in several ways. To make sure you can get the most out of your home and its outdoor space, it’s important to take care of your deck. Keep reading to learn about several deck-related tasks that should be part of your New Year’s resolutions.

Be Diligent About Sweeping

When you keep your deck clean, it can continue to look great for years. On the other hand, if you allow leaves, dirt, and debris to accumulate on it, moisture can build up. This can encourage the development of mold, lead to discolored wood, and result in wood rot. To combat these problems, regularly sweep it.

Use Stronger Cleaners When Necessary

Sweeping can be very useful, but it won’t clean as effectively as a stronger deck-cleaning solution. It’s recommended that you use a deck-cleaning solution once a year. Avoid using chlorine bleach since it can damage the wood. Instead, oxygen bleach could work, as long as you don’t have a redwood deck, as could hydrogen peroxide or an oxalic acid-based solution. Remember that elbow grease can prove very useful, too.

You can also use a utility brush to scrub the deck. Rinsing everything off with a regular hose with a hard-stream setting can help you finish this job. While you can prepare for this task right after the new year comes, keep everything on standby until the spring so that the deck can dry as quickly as possible after getting cleaned. This makes it harder for mold and mildew to come back.

Repair Problems as Soon as Possible

Wood decks can experience issues as the planks age. Wood swells and shrinks as the weather conditions change, and this can cause nails and screws to move as well. Make sure you regularly inspect your deck and identify any nails or screws that may be loose. Put them back into place, or replace them if they’re damaged. Also, replace rotting planks to minimize safety concerns.

Seal and Stain the Deck

Sealant protects a wood deck from cracking, warping, and splitting. Deck stain can extend the life span of a deck and help the wood continue to look great. One tip is to sand your deck before you treat it. This way, the stain and sealant can really penetrate the wood. It’s a good idea to stain first and seal second. You can get the materials ahead of time, but save this project for a warmer day.

A To-Do List for Your Deck

Taking care of these tasks during the upcoming year can help your deck last longer and look better. If you’d like a hand with your deck or patio in Truckee, CA, give CMJR Construction a call today.