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home with an extension being built

Consider What Features of Your Home Aren’t Serving You and Expand!

The choice to expand your home can come from a lot of different sources. If you’re busting at the seams with a growing family, it makes sense to add bedrooms and bathrooms. It may also make sense to add a family fun room, a bigger dining area, or an expanded kitchen. Check out some other facts about home expansion below.

1. Home Expansions Can Be Disruptive

Any construction project on your property can be unsettling. Everything from parking spaces to noise and dust will need to be considered. When you know just how much you’re going to love the final project, the disruption will be worth it!

2. Home Updates May Require Other Investments

If you’re going to add significant square footage to your home, you may also need to plan for an updated HVAC system to handle all that new space. If you’re adding a second story to part of your existing home, you may also need a new roof for the whole structure.

3. Your Chosen Updates Can Add a Lot to the Value of Your Home

There are many renovations that can pay off when you choose to sell or refinance. For example, new windows often bump up the value of your home. If you’re adding a master bedroom and bath on one section of your home to make room for a growing family, consider updating all the windows on the house.

Not only can this choice lower your utility costs over the course of the year, but it will also unify the look of your home expansion. It could also increase the value of your investment.

4. Home Expansions Are a Great Opportunity to Improve Your Home Technology

While your home is being updated, consider upgrading your technology. If you’re adding a family room where you can watch movies in greater comfort, add speakers and lighting in the build stage for a real theater feeling.

5. Home Updates and Expansions Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Location

If you’re a morning person, make sure your home expansion choices allow you to get the most out of the rising sun. For those who love to sit outside and watch the sunset, adding a deck might be the most ideal choice. Your area may have a beautiful natural feature that you love to look at, so you know where to put the biggest picture window.

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